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If you have requested an order in any kind of way, this means you have read, and agreed to my terms.
Any statement can be bound to change if discussed with me, the artist, prior to the commission.


​♦You are only purchasing the Digital Illustration File. Not the printed art.
Most of my pieces don't include WIP's, this to avoid taking too long on orders that only take me a few hours.


✦  Approximately a waitime of 3 months of being STARTED after paid. ✦

If you require your work any early, pay a RUSH FEE

Personal vs Comercial Use

Non-Comercial Use

​I, the artist, hold every right to the produced artwork intellectual property. This means I can use it comercially or sell as prints.

The commissioner is allowed to; Use the copyrighted artwork for personal such as:
​Icon, wallaper, non-profit medias.

x1.5 Commercial Use

When the artwork is not the bulk of the product 

Promotional work
CD cover, game assets
Social media artwork
Business cards

x2 or x3 Comercial Use

When the artwork is the bulk of the product and you're reproducing or selling it 

Body pillow


You have no right to cancel or demand a refund unless the commission is not completed in 6 months even if I haven't started it. 

WIP / Process IMages: 

Will only be given if the commissioner personally ask for it and if the price of the commission type exceed 250$ (not total price).

Most of my commissions won't have wips sent to you, have that in mind when ordering.

【 I WON’T DO 】​ 

 Fetishes, vore, extreme physical features 
Mecha, robots, full metal made characters, Vehicles

How many revisions can I ask for?

2 Maximum per phase, additional changes will cost extra.

Prices that don't include WIPS can only have 1 free minor edit


  1. Submit this form filled out to get a quote to your contact Information.

  2. Send full payment via Paypal or Card 

  3. Wait until it is your commission's turn to get started. 


I do NOT give dedadlines, because I never know when a commissioner will pay a rush fee and increase the wait time.

I take around 3 months to START a commission after payment is received.

Big orders like (Digital Painting Complex BG and Live2d) take several months to be finished after they have been started,

If you need it earlier, feel free to request a RUSH FEE on your quote


Any information outside of the form isn't valid.


Any additional commission toppings?
Commercial Use?

Please provide a max of 3 image references.

Thanks for ordering!

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